The G Roll Instructional

Hey guys,
My name is Alex Ecklin. This instructional is brought to you from where you can see the G Roll in action.
As of Mid 2014, I am a brown belt under Vitor Shaolin out of NYC and this is my first instructional video on a half guard position called the G-Roll.
These are 20 variations from myself, Van Allen Flores and Marshall Gelbman.

This video took two days to make. The first day, my uke Chris Lackhan forgot his belt so he had to use a different belt. Advanced apology for the confusion. To see some of the people who I am thankful for, please see the sponsors tab.

Van Allen Flores vs. Rick Hawn with the G Roll to Triangle:

Chris Lackhan G Roll at 1:50:

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G Roll Instructional // HalfGuardSweep.Com // Alex Ecklin // Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling from Valery de Lame on Vimeo.