Hey guys,

I wanted to add a quick FAQ on some topics:

What is the G-Roll?
This website showcases the G-Roll system, to which I’ve dedicated a significant amount of my training over the past few years in developing and expanding. While I do not view it as the holy grail of BJJ, I believe that it is a relatively unknown and unappreciated position that has as much potential and depth as any of the widely studied guards in modern BJJ. Not only that, but it actually has useful adaptations and transitions to/from many of these other popular guards such as the De la Riva or Berimbolo. I encourage you to watch my free instructional video on this website and share it with your friends and training partners as we continue to expand the ever-changing art of jiujitsu.

Did I invent it?
That is impossible to say, it is like asking who created the pushup? I accidentally came upon the position on my own, but there are other people who do very similar sweeps and movements from this very popular knee shield half guard position. Since I made my game solely around this position, I came up with a lot of variations and chained it in different ways. I respect all BJJ fighters and I am sure it was possible for this position to exist before I found it.

Why is the G-Roll a game-changer?
Where the half guard fits within the positional hierarchy is one of the most controversial topics in BJJ today. Many practitioners view it as halfway to having your guard passed, while others like the variety of submissions and sweeps it offers. One of the aspects that keeps many people from appreciating its versatility and offensive optionality is the risk of being smashed by the opponent. This is where the G-Roll comes into play. From a relatively simple and low risk transition from the traditional half guard, the half guard player becomes a major offensive threat, with the ability to transition to limitless sweeps and submissions depending on how the on how the opponent reacts.

Nothing in life is free, is it?
This is! The reason that I’ve chosen to make this and any subsequent videos completely free is that I simply want to contribute to the art and community of BJJ. I also hope that as these techniques are more broadly accepted, I will be challenged and forced to evolve my game even further. But if you would like to support me, I am accepting donations. Despite my degree in management and finance, I’ve devoted my life to martial arts. Unfortunately, training and competing can be very expensive, so these donations will help me afford these costs as well as any future videos that I decide to share. Thank you for your support!

About me:
I don’t really promote myself and I always like to stay low key, but these are my achievements. I would say in at least 90 percent of my matches, I have hit one of these 20 variations of the G roll. Also, my teammates hit many of these as well.
I have started training in 2006 and my coach is Vitor Shaolin. I also train with Marcos Loro.

Brown Belt:
2x NY Open Gold
3x Boston Open Gold
2x Big Apple Gold
World Pro Trials Bronze
IBJJF Worlds Bronze
Chicago Summer Gold
American Nationals Gold
American Nationals No-gi Silver
Pan No-gi silver
Europeans Bronze

Purple Belt:
NY Open Gold
Small tap-out tournament Gold
Ny Open Bronze
World Pro Trials Bronze
NU Invitational Silver

I have never won a tournament or won a fight in the white or blue belts.
I can also eat more BBQ than most of the competitors in my weight class, as well as the weight class above me.

This idea of donation based videos came to me from the yoga classes in NYC called Yoga to the People.